about netune

Netune is a research and consulting company specialized in electronic businesses (e-business). It acts with the public and private sectors in projects that emphasize the use of ICTs as strategy for economic and social development.

Established in 1995, aimed at increasing the efficiency and the competitiveness of Brazilian companies through Information Technology, Netune pioneered in the use of electronic commerce and on-line payment solutions. In 1998, Netune developed one of the first Internet e-payment services saw in Brazil: neTpagamento. The service used diverse on-line payment modalities – local and foreign – allowed safe operations, in real time, with a back-office management system integrated in one platform.

Since 2002, Netune has focused in ICT strategic studies and consulting services, with special interest in electronic business and matters related to competitiveness, regional development and internationalization of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Claudine Bichara de Oliveira is Netune's executive director and principal consultant in E-Business.

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Tadao Takahashi is associate researcher at Netune e is responsible for Exploratory Studies.

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